Healthier South Wirral

C/o The Orchard Surgery, Bromborough Village Road, Bromborough, Wirral CH62 7EU

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Meet our Team

Healthier South Wirral Clinical Directors

Nazia Syed-Mohammed – Clinical Director

Thomas Wyatt – Clinical Director


Healthier South Wirral Management Team

Karen Livesey – Strategy and Transformation Lead

Lori McDonagh – Operations Manager

Alex Duckers – Associate Project Manager

Vicky Phillips-Jones – HR Manager


Healthier South Wirral Practice Managers

Jennine Edge – Sunlight Group Practice

Rachel Stott – Eastham Group Practice

Emma Hadwin – Spital Surgery

Dawn Heggarty – Civic Medical Centre

Victoria Ward – The Allport Surgery



Christopher George

Peter Mclaren

Karen Cooke


Mental Health Team

Rachael Kinnear – Assistant Mental Health Practitioner

Robin Morley – Mental Health Practitioner

Mya Higginson – Wellbeing Practitioner.

Jessica Brown – Wellbeing Practitioner.

Shelby Hughes – Mental Health Care Coordinator.

Katie Chellew – Trainee Associate Psychological Practitioner.

Emma Hibbs – Mental Health Care Coordinator.

Christine Rousseau – Mental Health Care Coordinator.


Pharmacy Team

Gill Walker – Pharmacy Technician

David Sharpe – Lead Clinical Pharmacist

Lauren Sutton – Clinical Pharmacist


Nurses Team

Suzanne Thomas – Specialist Learning Disabilities Nurse.

Jacqui Breton – Lead Respiratory Nurse

Jane Bolderson – Respiratory Nurse

Gemma Cotgrave – Respiratory Nurse

Viki Spambo –


Phlebotomy Team

Layla Livesly

Liz Hughes

Julie Merity

Emma Taffee

Claire Phillpots

Sandra Edwards


Clinical Team

John Burns – Advanced Clinical Practitioner.

Rachel Keirl – Community Paramedic.

Richie Evans – Community Paramedic.

James Lindley – Community Paramedic.

Frida Cerezo – Physician Associate.

Nathan Kelly – Trainee Physician Associate.

Michaela Espindula – Physician Associate.


Health Coaches

Morgan Sheppard – Health Coach.

Rachel Gordon – Health Coach.

Daisy Senior – Health Coach.


Care Coordinator

Tracey Pilgrim – Cancer Care Coordinator.

Claire Thomson – Care Coordinator Care Homes.

Emma Randles – ART Care Coordinator.






‘Eastham’ : Eastham Group Practice

‘Spital’ : Spital Surgery

‘Civic’ : Civic Medical Centre

‘Sunlight’ : Sunlight Group Practice

‘Orchard’ : The Orchard Surgery

‘Allport’ : The Allport Surgery


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