Healthier South Wirral Directors

Nazia Syed-Mohammed – Clinical Director

Thomas Wyatt – Clinical Director


Healthier South Wirral Practice Managers

Karen Livesey – The Orchard Surgery

Jennine Edge – Sunlight Group Practice

Rachel Stott – Eastham Group Practice

Emma Hadwin – Spital Surgery

Dawn Heggarty – Civic Medical Centre

Victoria Ward – The Allport Surgery



Rocco Hadland – Pharmacist

Abigail Stirling – Medicines Manager

Caroline Hudd- Pharmacy Care Co-Ordinator


Our Wider Team

Ellie Malam – Care Co-Ordinator

Nathan Kelly- Care Co-Ordinator

Alex Duckers – Digital Media and Communications Administrator

Georgia Lilley – Health Coach

Grace Scothern – Health Coach Apprentice

Scott Morgans – Health Coach Coordinator

Linda Donnelly – Wellbeing Practitioner

Victoria Bartlett – Wellbeing Practitioner

Tracy Richards – Wellbeing Practitioner

Suzanne Thomas – Learning Disability Care Coordinator

Amy Eggeling – Learning Disability Wellbeing Practitioner

Lucy O’Sullivan – Learning Disability Trainee Nurse Associate

Tracey Pilgrim – Cancer Care Coordinator

Rachael Kinnear – Mental Health Trainee Assistant Practitioner